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Flexible Solutions
for a New Energy utilization

cEnergy is a spin-off of University of Trieste, established in 2010, that operates in the field of energy conversion and storage. Core competences of cEnergy are Fuel Cell power generators and Energy recovery through ORC (Organic Rankine Cycles). Generators are characterized by minimum environmental impact, high efficiency, low operating noise and good reliability. Any application where such aspects are dominant can be covered by the proposed generators: auxiliary power units (APU), micro-cogeneration systems (CHP), smart appliances. Furthermore, cEnergy offers consultancy services for power systems, including optimization and integration of micro-cogeneration units. cEnergy participated on a number of research projects targeting on board electricity production for maritime applications and the use of biogas powered Fuel Cell power generators (e.g. Project).

One Stop Shop for Innovation in Energy Systems

From the development of enabling technologies to the implementation of new energy production and energy transformation systems.

Product Oriented

With a specialisation on Fuel Cell systems, ORC (Organic Rankine Cycles), Energy Recovery Systems, and Energy Storage.

Development of NEW Energy Systems Products

With the strong cooperation of partner R&D Institutions cEnergy can guarantee maximum support to test, characterise, troubleshoot and diagnose new energy systems.

Testing & Characterisation

cEnergy is located in "AREA Science Park" with access at Synchrotron research facility.

AREA Science Park
Trieste, Italy


HTPEM Power Generators

  • cEnergy B1 HTPEM system generates on-site electrical power using natural gas, LPG, or biogas.
  • B1 is composed of a steam reforming unit that converts the fuel into a H2 rich gas mixture a HTPEM fuel cell stack that converts the chemical energy of the mixture into electricity.
  • B1 is designed for high reliability, minimal maintenance, complete autonomous operation and low environmental impact. B1 targets all the industrial, agricultural and commercial facilities where natural gas or biogas from renewable sources is available.

Main Projects

  • 2010-2012 “NGShiP - Natural Gas for Ship Propulsion” (POR FESR - EU Funds for Regional Development).
  • 2012 Research project for the development of components for a thermodynamic solar power plant.
  • 2012 Development of a software tool for the analysis of the degradation in photovoltaic collectors.
  • 2011 Development of a flexible platform for the operation and control of distributed microcogeneration system.
  • 2011 Research project for the development of a battery propelled tug.
  • 2010 Research project for the development of a high efficiency tumble dryer prototype.

Product design and development

  • From basic research to prototyping and production
  • From unconventional energy audits to feasibility studies
  • Complete engineering services for dedicated energy systems
  • Define, refine, troubleshoot new energy products
  • From components to complete platforms and systems

Test Systems

  • cEnergy offers highly customizable test equipment for fuel cells and fuel processing systems.
  • cEnergy supplies test bench kits or integrated systems equipped with data acquisition and process control capability.
  • cEnergy provides solutions for the analysis of cell/stack performance degradation and user friendly software for the implementation of different process control strategies.